The purpose of this report is to guide your steps out from poverty and link you with all the possibilities of making money. This does not support or suggest a quick way of making money but rather leads you in a path of financial freedom if ONLY you will follow the steps.



Our first question is what can you do as an individual? Or what do you have as a tool? Skill, time, certificate, or money. Where do you want to go from here? Do you see possibility of possessing what you want? Do you see possibility of turning poverty into financial freedom? From being a debtor to a creditor? And a borrower to lender? If you have a positive answer to these questions then you are on your way to good life.

It is not by chance that you are reading this article; God directed your part so that you can live a better life. Jesus said ‘I have come to give life and to give it more abundantly; the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. But abundant life is available for you; grab it, that means solution is always await any problem or circumstance that arise in your environment; no matter how difficult the situation may seems to you, there is always a way out.

God has been in existence before the emergence of the enemy. An enemy comes with problems but God offer solution to all problems. Sadly, this fact does not register in the minds of people. Erroneously, they search for solution outside the problems; meanwhile the problem comes with its own solution.

What are you going through now I mean right now? I want you to know that the answer is right there where you are, it start by knowing that every problems can be solve, you must believe that before you take any further step, all that you are looking for is in you, inside you, you must be able to see possibility before attainment. You will not achieve anything unless you first believe in possibility.

Life is a gift from God the creator of heaven and earth. He has made abundance of life available if we are not lazy to work, and I can assure you there is enough for everybody to live a good life.

1. Facts: Let us analyse some facts.

The number one problem we faced in Nigeria as a nation is leadership problem, the inability of our leaders to provide public facilities, good road, constant power supply, portable water, jobs, quality education etc. lack of constant power supply has damage the fabric of the economy. For instance, PHCN or popularly known as NEPA has failed the people in the process of discharging their duty. Urban citizen are in search of alternative power supply for power generation.

The essentiality or necessity of NEPA in urban area has necessitate most people to get there own source of power supply; people incapable of providing alternative energy find life and business difficult to sustain. The situation tends to cripple their business and life because they can not provide for their household.

It is obvious that average Nigerian want to enjoy life, happy home, good education, good car, clothing, shoes etc many could not do so because of bad financial position, then frustration set in, broken marriages, inability to pay children school fees and many more. I heard Dr Mike says poverty torment, poverty is a thief, it steals much more than your finances, it steals your dream, it steals your sense of worth, it steals your significance, and your ability. I agree with him because poverty steals, kill and destroy. (Law of Recognition by Dr Mike Murdock) buy the book for further insight.

No one can confidently say when electricity will be better in the country, and to be honest with ourselves this is the major challenge our business is facing in Nigeria. My advice is to see how we can translate this weakness into strength. How you as an individual can offer solution to some of these problems and help other people that are faced with similar cases.

2. The barrier.

(YOU) You are your worst enemy. The only thing that can stop you from making progress in life is YOU. The ability to do something for yourself and by yourself do something; that will gives you the confidence require to be successful in life reside in you, you do not need to depend on anything or anybody to succeed but believe in God your creator for your provision.

Do not put your trust in anyone even in the economy but in God and BELIEVE you can be successful in life regardless of the hardship in the country. Decide to start helping people and you will see the positive result guaranteed. Do not go around begging people for money or food. Things are not as difficult as they come into view; problems are deceptive, cheek and see the opportunity in the problems then take advantage of it


For instant, Electricity been a major issue in the country, this has make wise people rich, they are making money out of it by providing alternative source of power generation to sustain life and business respectively. If you are a graduate seeking job opportunity, while waiting for that to manifest, learn a skill and start training others, in doing that you can make life comfortable for yourself and others, this is the purpose of this write up.

If you have a good business plan approach a financial institution for fund or your associate for assistance. Better still, find out what you can sell, like consumable items cheap ones you will be amaze how your N2,000 can be turn to N20,000 within a short time with discipline in your spending.

You may start Okada (Read Okada Vs Traffic Law) or Keke Maruwa business and plan well so that you will translate that into other business. Rather you can learn how to fix Laptop / Desktop computer, or learn how to build wed site and some other IT program that will fetch you money. (You can buy our video self tutorial on how to repair Laptop for Just =N= 2,000 is very easy to understand and is available now). You can be a middle man, selling other people products but this requires integrity, making profit as a middle man to start your own business.

You can work as a canteen attendance for small amount of money, you are sure of having food to eat daily, if your desire is only to satisfy your hunger, you can do this and still get paid. (We can attach you to event planner on weekend basis).

If you truly desire to build a business, volunteer to work with people that are upwardly mobile, learn from them, know how they achieve their goal, you may be lucky to be place on allowances but do not let money be your primary focus, learn the way they do things and establish your own. These are some business opportunity you need information on, such as: -

• How to make money buying and selling computer and other electronics products.

• How to write and sell simple article to make money.

• How to earn good money operating shuttle bus for schools.

• Recharge card / GSM business

• Dry cleaning business

• Ice block business

• Importation of cheap products business

• Bakery business

• Web design

• Small chop business

• Leather work business

• Water cart business

• Solar panel business

• Bulk SMS business

• Ice cream / yoghurt business

• Fumigation business

• Poultry farm business

• Taxi cab operator

• Exercise book printing

• Customize T- shirt

• Digital photo business



The bottom line is, find out what people want and provide it for them in form of products / service that’s all. We will be glad to give you more guides on what you can do to earn a living and make good money only. Send your name, email address, biz type (to receive update report)

In conclusion everyone want to enjoy life, but we need money to do so, because almost everything if not All is attached to money.

So, we need money to pay for whatever we need, we want to enjoy our life, we need good houses, cars, cloths, shoes, dstv, swimming pool in our houses, Solar power, Generator, take our family on holiday overseas and more, money is require to fulfill all these desire. Take for instance, electricity problem has giving room for solar energy, power generating set, rechargeable lamps and inverter etc. everybody living in urban area needs electricity, rechargeable fans, TV, led bulb and tube for proper lighting of home after a long day work.

If we calculate weekly or monthly how much we spend on fuel and the noise we cause among ourselves as neighbor in our rented apartment or ‘face me, I face you” you will agree that we need more money to sustain life in this part of the world.

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Many business owners SME would have lived a higher life and do great in their businesses if NEPA is constant. My advice to you as an individual is to look away from this ugly situation and focus on the opportunities, provide solution to problems and sell your idea or products to thousand or millions of people to better their lives and make life more meaningful for yourself and others, and this is exactly what we do on this platform, is to teach you on how to be financially free.

Stay successful.

Babatunde .Olatunji.F.Rev2214


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