Laptop Swap


How Can I Swap?

Simply Come to Our Workshop with Your Old Laptop For Evaluation/Assessment To Know The Price Value Of Your Old Laptop. Thereafter, Select the Brand You Wish to Swap With, Then Balance up the Price difference. If we don't have your choice Laptop, You are Free to make a choice either to sell to us or hold on till we have your desire Laptop. For example, if your OLD LAPTOP valued N15k. And the price value for a New HP dv6000 cost N75k (You are free to find out price detail from any store before swapping your Laptop) that means you balance with the sum of N60k. For used ones who's price is N30k that means you pay N15k price difference.

Does It comes with Warranty?

Yes, warranty duration depend on type of purchase. Used ones is different from Brand new.

What Is The Requisite For Swap?

Prove of Ownership, Valid Receipt, National ID Card & International Passport

Do I Need To Come In Person?

You May send a representative or send detail of your Laptop via whatsApp to 07081696734 or to accesscitygate@yahoo.com with pictures for negotiation on price value before coming

Can I Invite Others?

Yes, You can invite as many as possible.

For further detail please call any of our numbers