Our mission: To get "used items" across to everyone (Resellers and End users) demanding for them at affordable prices. This is with the aim of bridging the gap between expensive "New" ones and cheap inferior ones. we create an opportunity for intending Entrepreneur who can buy these items directly from us and other importers and resell to make good profit.

Our vision: Building a multimillionaire Business out of this idea of Selling "USEDITEMS", and Empower others willing to start and grow their own Business (Buying and Selling) with needful information on where to get What, When and How.

Motto :Faith & Integrity

How Does It Work?

We Help You Buy "USED ITEMS DIRECTLY" From Importer inside Warehouse.

Collection of items range from Children, Men, Ladies Clothes, Shoes, Woman Hair, Diaper, kitchen ware, Electronic, Vehicles, Computers etc.

 Individual looking for used items can send their request via whatsApp +2347081696734 with correct specification and we will get it for them.





Table Set





Car locks

Motor parts



Children cloths

Wrist watches


Make up

Short wear

Face cap


Body cream

Sun glasses










Washing machine

Kitchen Ware

Electric Kettle

Water heater


Gas can



Cake mixer


Hot plate








Fry pan




If you want any other item not listed, kindly post it here Nairaland Possibly we will get it for you and add it to our list.

Please note that we specify on "used items", even though we sometimes have new items coming directly with container from oversea to the warehouse.

Charges is per purchase which is subject to negotiation.

Delivery 2days within Lagos. While outside Lagos will be determine by distance.

Waiting for Order and if you have any question please don't hesitate to ask. call any of our numbers.⁠⁠⁠⁠

Get access to more information on warehouse offload by register as a member. Members have access to first hand information on warehouse activities, including direct access to other importer, which will enable them to buy their items at cheaper rate. 

To be enlisted, A1-Time Yearly Payment of =N= 5,500 become necessary which will be review yearly. Online payment is available kindly pay to our official account and send payment detail via email or whatsapp 07081696734. You can also call any of our numbers for confirmation.

We have two category of people on our platform those with Purchase code and those without Purchase code.

Purchase Code: Enable (Registered Member) access to offload information and will be able to buy direct from us (warehouse) at reduce price.

Without Purchase Code: Anyone without purchase code (Non-Registered Member) will be regarded as an end user, while you're on our platform you've the opportunity to buy choice item(s) from us or any verified paid member who has the item(s) available in good working condition. You can just post or send your request or what you want to buy according to specification to us and if available you will be notified.

All electronic items will be sold to those buying for personal used as tested i.e. in good working condition at Affordable rate on this platform.

Information on offloaded item(s) will be announce regularly through available channel to all members on any of our platform (i.e. Group Chat, Nairaland, Blog or Website etc). Everyone is Free to visit the warehouse Monday - Saturday 9am - 430pm and buy any items deem it fit.

This has become necessary so we can serve our members effectively in the course of buying and selling imported USED ITEMS.

You can join the group chat Trading Places to get update on other various items. kindly use the link if you've not join @ Whatsapp

Method Of Transaction.

Business activities will take the following shape as we commence for those buying online. Every week as items are offloaded we will try as much as possible to keep you updated. We understood that majority are looking forward to buy used item for resell to make ExtraCASH likewise buying for personal use, then let's follow below listed points to obtain our set goal.

1. Pictures of items uploaded

2. Items identify

3. Selection of item(s)

4. Pictures of selected item(s) for confirmation.

5. Clarification and certify by buyer.

6. Buyer make payment for item(s) to be purchase.

7. Pick up or Courier (way bill) of item(s) to buyer destination.

8. Arrival and confirmation of item(s) by buyer.

9. We thank Almighty God for successful transaction

Those visiting the warehouse to buy stuff through our update should intensify and they stand the chances of making consistence income as they do so. This is a year of transforming grace I believe Business will get bigger this year.

Please Note: We Offer 100% Money Back Guaranteed

if you're Dissatisfied With Any of our Products After Delivery. When You Receive Your Items or Product kindly notify us within 72hrs if there is any change in your order.


To Pay For Any Of Our Products

Please Use Any Of The Below A/C Nos.

Bank Name: Union Bank PLC Ojuelegba

A/c Beneficiary: Accesscitygate

A/c Number: 0003266437

Bank Name: UBA Ojuelegba  

A/c Beneficiary: Babatunde Fagboyo 

A/c Number: 2001423541

Account Beneficiary: Babatunde Fagboyo

Bank Name: GTB A/c: 0158166882

Once Payment is made, send or text 

your Payment Details via WhatsApp

or ring me up on 08188688766 

For Payment Confirmation. 

Thanks For Your Support.

I'm Your Host


Be successful