Home Of Best Quality & Affordable "USEDITEMS" From Asia, Europe & USA to Various Warehouses in Lagos.

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How it works

1.   This is Your Final Destination for Best Quality and Affordable used items. A platform where people have access to various items that arrived from Europe, Asia & America to over 10 warehouses in Lagos such as Clothes, Shoes, Electronics, Vehicles, Ladies accessories, Cosmetic, Sewing machine, Air conditioner, Refrigerator, Furniture, Tools etc

 2. This platform help our  Family Friends overseas to get information on items they can sell in Nigeria. They will know what to buy over there, where to offload and sell them to end-users in Lagos. 

3.  The opportunity to make Extra CASH selling used items bought directly from the warehouse while working online after office hour become very easy.

4. Access to regular information on offloaded items, picture and prices is available on regular basis. Items are sold at a cheaper rate compared to what is obtainable at the open market. You can choose to buy in unit or bulk.

Join the chat-room for regular update on warehouse offload on TELEGRAM  or WHATSAPP. Our AUCTION FORUM is open for everyone to experience fantastic offer weekly. For price list and available items CLICK HERE. You can join us on our ADVERT MART If you want more TRAFFIC on your PRODUCTS & SERVICES Join REV MART TODAY and stay connected


This SERVICE allow our team to source for items that is not in our store in accordance to your request. We believe that when it comes to sourcing for items (New or Used), we are No.1

Our team visit several places which include warehouses in search for items and compare prices, neatness, check countries where the product is produced to identify better quality. This will help our customers to select, compare and make right choices before we pay for such item(s).

The task involved in the process of going around those places is enormous; time, energy and money etc. Hence, we tagged a token amount for T-Fare and other expenses as the case may be - tagged as service charge.

Please this arrangement do not stop anyone from visiting the warehouse, it is a measure put up to organise or coordinate how we respond to request to avoid wastage and is subject to review. Meanwhile, warehouse opens Monday - Saturday except holidays. Visit the warehouse whenever you read our update and find any item(s) you like. 

Please don't hesitate to call me on 07081696734 if you have any question.



1. ₦16,500 - (1 year)

2. ₦ 5,750 - (quarterly)

3. ₦1,650 - (10-days)

Subject to future review

Nail Gun

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Nail Gun    

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